What is Toby Mathis Net Worth?

Toby Mathis Net Worth

Toby Math Net Worth: Step into the world of Toby Mathis, an expert attorney and author whose net worth is estimated at $15 million. From his humble beginnings as a tax expert to his current status as a best-selling author and revered attorney, Toby Mathis has made a lasting impact in the realm of wealth management. 

Toby Mathis helps individuals navigate the complexities of finance and law.  

Let’s figure out how Toby got so rich and learn about his incredible accomplishments along the way. 

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Toby Mathis Net Worth

Toby Mathis Net Worth 2024

Toby Mathis’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. He gathered his wealth through various income streams, with his primary source being his work with the Anderson Law Group. 

Additionally, earnings from authoring books, speaking engagements, and real estate assets have contributed significantly to his financial success. Overall, Toby Mathis’s diverse portfolio of ventures has led to his considerable wealth.

Toby Mathis and a team of experts lead The Anderson Law Group, a distinguished firm that specializes in law, tax, and estate planning services. With a focus on providing top-notch solutions tailored to client’s needs, the firm has gained recognition for its excellence and reliability in law and finance.

Who is Toby Mathis?

Toby Mathis is an attorney, entrepreneur, and educator known for his tax law and asset protection expertise. He is a co-founder of the Anderson Law Group, a company that initially focused on planning for businesses and estates. He is also the founder of the Infinity Investing Workshop in the United States. His business has earned the title of “Best Places to Work” and has been listed three times in the Inc. list of fastest-growing US companies.

Besides being a lawyer, Toby also invests in real estate projects across the United States. He’s genuinely passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. That’s why, he is a member of the Forbes Real Estate and Finance Council. He has authored numerous books about running a successful business and being savvy with taxes.

Toby Mathis
Toby Mathis

Toby Mathis Education & Early Life

Toby Mathis’s education played a crucial role in shaping his successful career. He graduated with top honors from Seattle University, showing his dedication to excellence right from the start. Later, he pursued his law degree at the Seattle University School of Law, where he also graduated with honors. These achievements reflect Toby’s commitment to learning and lay a solid foundation for his professional journey. Today, residing in Las Vegas, Toby continues to apply his knowledge and skills to make a difference in his field.

Toby Mathis Career Highlights

Toby credits his father and business mentor for teaching him about relationships and passion. His father worked diligently and eventually became an independent businessman. Starting his career as an employee in a company, Toby’s father later realized the significance of being an independent business owner. 

Toby’s second mentor is a successful businessman who specializes in liquidating businesses.

He began his career as a tax attorney, specializing in small business, taxation, and trusts. Currently, Toby serves as the president of Anderson Business Partners and managing director of Anderson’s Las Vegas office. 

Previously, he directed and hosted the long-standing local business radio program “The BOSS Business Brief,” broadcasted on KNUU in Las Vegas. Additionally, Toby actively participates in community engagement, sitting on the boards of several companies and serving on the local board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global association of successful business owners. 

He has authored over 100 articles on small business topics and written several books, including multiple editions of “Tax-Wise Business Ownership” and “12 Steps to Running a Successful Business.” These publications highlight Toby’s commitment to promoting sound business practices and empowering entrepreneurs.

Toby Mathis Biography

Take a look at Toby Mathis’s short biography:

Net Worth$15 million
NameToby Mathis
Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1972
Age52 Years
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionAttorney, Author, Finance Advisor, and entrepreneur
Source of WealthFinance, Author, Speaker
Toby Mathis Biography

Toby Mathis’s Personal Life

Toby Mathis lives in Las Vegas, United States. We do not have authentic information about his wife, parents, and children. His social media accounts also don’t provide details about his personal life. He is a person who focuses on his work.

Toby Mathis Books

Here are some of Toby Mathis’s notable books:

  • “Tax-Wise Business Ownership” (multiple editions)
  • “12 Steps to Running a Successful Business” (various editions)
  • “Infinity Investing”

These books cover various aspects of business ownership, taxation, and investment strategies, reflecting Toby Mathis’s expertise in these areas.

Real Estate Investments

Toby Mathis is actively involved in real estate investments across the United States. He carefully chooses properties with potential for growth and profit, whether through renovations or rentals. 

Toby’s goal is long-term wealth creation and asset appreciation. He shares his knowledge with others through speaking engagements and educational materials. Overall, Toby’s approach to real estate reflects his commitment to building lasting wealth.

Toby Mathis YouTube Channel

Toby Mathis’s YouTube channel, with over 311K subscribers and 766 videos, covers a wide range of topics. He talks about tax planning and asset protection, providing valuable insights and advice to his audience. 


Toby Mathis arranges the Infinity Investing Workshop, a learning event where people can discover practical ways to grow their wealth. This workshop offers insights on asset protection, real estate investing, legacy planning, and more. Attendees gain valuable knowledge to improve their investment strategies and secure their financial future.

Toby Mathis is a well-known figure who educates people about financial tools like living trusts. A living trust allows you to transfer your money to a shared entity.

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Toby Mathis’ net worth is estimated at $15 million. He guides individuals and businesses in intricate financial matters. Toby is regarded as an authority in wealth management and asset protection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Toby Mathis?

Toby Mathis is a renowned tax expert, best-selling author, and attorney based in the United States. With his expertise in tax law, asset protection, and estate planning, Toby has become a trusted advisor for individuals and businesses. He is known for his contributions to the field through educational seminars, books, and his work with Anderson Business Advisors.

What is Toby Mathis’s net worth?

Toby Mathis’s net worth stands at $15 million as of 2024.