What is Kapil Dev Net Worth?

Kapil Dev Net Worth

Former Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev’s net worth stands at around $30 million, or around 230 crore Indian rupees. In fact, with his successful beginning, his net worth is increasing rapidly. 

Today, we looked at Kapil Dev’s net worth and the factors contributing to his total net worth. Kapil Dev’s name resonates with the memorable success of the Indian cricket team in the 1983 World Cup. 

The legendary all-rounder’s journey to becoming a global icon is awe-inspiring. From humble beginnings in Chandigarh to becoming one of the greatest all-rounders, his story is one of grit, determination, and perseverance. 

Let’s look further at his life, net worth, career, assets, salary, biography, age, height, weight, wife, and more information.

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Kapil Dev Net Worth

A Look at Kapil Dev’s Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$ 30 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees200 Crore INR
NameKapil Dev
ProfessionInternational Cricketer, Commentary
Salary Per Month1 Crore
Annual Income15 Crore 
Kapil Dev Net Worth

According to the report, Kapil Dev’s net worth rose to $30 million USD in 2024. Numerous factors have contributed to his total net worth.

Indeed, Kapil Dev is one of the most celebrated cricketers. He earns substantial money through international and national matches, business ventures, and brand endorsement deals.

His on-field performance led to lucrative sponsorship deals with brands like LG, Pepsi, and Boost.

He also launched Dev Musco Lighting Private Limited, which specializes in manufacturing outdoor sports lights. Meanwhile, after retirement, Kapil Dev has remained associated with cricket as a commentator and coach for the Indian cricket team for a couple of years.  

In addition, he holds a 5% stake in Zicom Electronics. His most recent investment was in the Indian Trading League (ITL), launched by SAMCO, in the amount of around 3 million dollars.

He trained the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kings XI Punjab for a brief period. His latest venture involves investing approximately 3 million dollars in the Indian Trading League (ITL), a project initiated by SAMCO.

In addition to his various business ventures, Kapil Dev also holds a 5% stake in Zicom Electronics, a leading Indian security solutions provider.

Kapil Dev Net Worth Growth (Last 5 Years)

Over the past five years, Kapil Dev’s net worth has seen a steady increase. In 2020, his net worth stood at $25 million, which saw a gradual rise to $28 million by 2022. Maintaining this trend, his net worth remained stable at $28 million in 2021.

Kapil Dev Salary

Kapil Dev’s monthly salary is around Rs 1 crore as of May 2024. He makes it mostly through brand endorsements and business ventures.

His annual income is approximately Rs 12 crore, per the Sportskeeda report.

Kapil Dev Assets

Kapil Dev’s diverse assets include real estate, cars, houses, businesses, investments, and his earnings as a professional golfer. These assets contribute to his substantial net worth and financial stability beyond his cricket career.

Kapil Dev owns a luxurious house in Chandigarh. He owns restaurants in Chandigarh and Patna named “Captain’s Eleven.” Kapil Dev owns a hotel in Chandigarh called “Kaptian’s Retreat Hotel.” Kapil Dev holds a higher stake in SAMCO Ventures, the holding company for SAMCO Securities, a financial services firm. Kapil Dev has transitioned into a professional golf player, another substantial income source for him. 

Kapil Dev owns a Porsche Panamera, a luxury car estimated at around Rs. 2.67 crore. Kapil Dev has invested around 3 million USD in the Indian Trading League (ITL) by SAMCO. This investment reflects his involvement in financial ventures beyond traditional cricket-related endeavors.

Kapil Dev Car Collection

Kapil Dev is a car enthusiast and owns a range of luxurious cars. One of his prized possessions is a Porsche Panamera, estimated to be worth around Rs. 2.67 crore. He has been spotted driving other high-end vehicles, such as the Toyota Fortuner, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

Kapil Dev House

Kapil Dev is an avid golfer, often spotted playing golf at the Delhi Golf Club. His love of the sport has even led him to participate in various golf tournaments. As for his residence, Kapil Dev lives in a luxurious house in Chandigarh, his hometown.

Kapil Dev and his wife Romi Bhatia shifted to Delhi in 1984, initially living in a joint family setting. They later purchased the Sundar Nagar bungalow in Chandigarh. The neighborhood is known for its leafy avenues, opulent bungalows, and proximity to prestigious landmarks like the Delhi Golf Club and the National Stadium, where Kapil Dev honed his cricket skills.

Kapil Dev is known for his keen interest in real estate. In February 2024, he purchased a 16-acre plot in Mograj village near Karjat, Maharashtra.

Kapil Dev Source of Income

The Indian captain, Kapil Dev, commanded high match fees throughout his career. Dev also attracted brands like Hero Honda and Boost, adding to his income. He has had long-term deals with renowned brands like Pepsi, Cred, Palmolive, Novo Nordisk India, and AIPL ABRO, guaranteeing consistent income. He appeared in the movie “83,” which added to his total worth.

Dev Musco Lighting Pvt. Ltd. and SAMCO could generate returns. He also runs academies like Kapil Dev Cricket Academy, potentially bringing revenue.

He is a popular commentator in Hindi for international matches and earns well for his expertise. He frequently appears as a guest on sports channels and news shows, commanding fees. He participates in interviews, documentaries, and events, adding to his income.

 Kapil Dev’s Early Life

Kapil Dev, known as Kapil Dev Nikhanj, was born to a Punjabi family on January 6, 1959. He attended DAV School and later joined Desh Prem Azad College in 1971.

His father, Ram Lal Nikhanj, was a timber merchant, and his mother’s name was Raj Kumari. He grew up in a middle-class household in Chandigarh.

Kapil Dev is enjoying a happy family life and has married Romi Bhatia, an entrepreneur from Delhi. The couple met in 1979 through a mutual friend, and Kapil proposed to her in 1980. They are blessed with a daughter named Amiya Dev, born on January 16, 1996. 

Kapil Dev Biography

NameKapil Dev
Full NameKapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj
Place of BirthChandigarh
Date of BirthJanuary 6, 1959
Height6 feet (1.83 m)
Weight82 kg (181 lbs)
ProfessionCricketer, Commentary
SpouseRomi Bhatia
ChildrenAmiya Dev
ParentsRam Lal Nikhanj, Raj Kumari Lajwanti
SiblingsRamesh Nikhanj, Bhushan Nikhanj
Net Worth$30 Million
Last Updated2024
Kapil Dev Biography

Kapil Dev’s Career (1978-1994)

Kapil Dev’s cricket career spanned 16 glorious years, from his debut in 1978 to his farewell in 1994. From a young age, Kapil Dev started playing cricket on the streets of Chandigarh and quickly developed a talent for the sport. At 17, he debuted for the Haryana Ranji Trophy team in 1975-76 at 17.

  • Kapil Dev started his first-class career for Haryana against Punjab, taking six wickets in the second innings. His fans lovingly called him “The Haryana Hurricane” for his impressive performances.
  • Kapil made his ODI debut appearance in 1978 in a match against Pakistan. However, he did not perform well in his first match. 
  • The turning point in his career came in 2002 when he became the Indian cricketer of the century.  
  • His domestic cricket performance led to his selection for the Indian cricket team at the international level.
  • Kapil Dev made his international debut in a Test match against Pakistan in October 1978. 
  • He achieved his first major milestone in Test cricket by scoring his maiden century against the West Indies in 1979, becoming the first Indian player to score a century and take five wickets in the same Test match.
  • In the 1982 World Cup, he took 17 wickets in the semi-final against Zimbabwe and 163 runs in the final against West Indies.
  • Kapil Dev’s leadership qualities were evident early on, and he was appointed as the captain of the Indian cricket team in 1982. Under his captaincy, India achieved significant successes, culminating in the historic 1983 Cricket World Cup victory.
  • Kapil Dev won the 1983 World Cup trophy with his all-round performance (183 runs and 12 wickets).
  • He became the first cricketer to achieve the unique double of 4000 runs and 400 wickets in Test cricket.
  • He captained India in 41 Tests and 74 ODIs.
  • After retiring in 1994, he remained connected to the game through commentary, mentorship, and cricket academies.
  • He established the Khushii Foundation, working towards the betterment of underprivileged children.

Kapil Dev Awards & achievements

Kapil Dev Net Worth
  • He holds the record for the most wickets taken by an Indian fast bowler in Tests (434).
  • The Padma Vibhushan is one of India’s highest civilian awards, given to Kapil Dev for his achievements.
  • Throughout his career, Kapil Dev scored over 5,000 runs in Test cricket, including eight centuries and 27 half-centuries.
  • Kapil Dev, a fast bowler, claimed 434 wickets in Test matches, becoming the leading wicket-taker in Test cricket at one point.
  • He also led India to victory in the 1985 World Championship of Cricket held in Australia, further solidifying his reputation as a successful captain.

Kapil Dev’s Brand Deals

Kapil Dev is associated with renowned brands, such as ABRO, Palmolive, AIPL, and Boost. His impressive performance as a cricketer and his status as a global icon has made him an approachable figure for world-famous brands.

Kapil Dev Philanthropy

Kapil Dev is not just a millionaire but also a philanthropist and a social worker. In 2003, he founded Khushii, which is dedicated to providing free education and healthcare to underprivileged children in India. The foundation aims to uplift poor families by promoting health and economic well-being. It is worth it that Kapil Dev positively impacts others’ lives using his wealth.

Conclusion: Kapil Dev Net Worth

Kapil Dev’s net worth of $30 million redefined the role of an all-rounder in Indian cricket, excelling as a batsman and a bowler. His leadership qualities were pivotal in India’s 1983 World Cup win and inspired a generation of cricketers. 

He overcame challenges with perseverance and determination, setting a strong example for aspiring athletes. His legacy extends beyond the cricket field with his philanthropy and commitment to social causes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kapil Dev’s net worth?

Kapil Dev’s net worth is estimated at $30 million as of 2024.

How old is Kapil Dev?

Currently, Kapil Dev is 65 years old.

How much does Kapil Dev make annually?

Kapil Dev makes 12 crore annually.

What is the height of Kapil Dev?

Kapil Dev stood at 1.83 m (6′ 0″) tall.

What is Kapil Dev’s wife’s name?

Kapil Dev ‘s wife is Romi Bhatia (married in 1980).