Linda Plant Net Worth 2024: Earnings Salary Son Husband Bio

Linda Plant Net Worth

Linda Plant Net Worth: Award-winning businesswoman Linda Plant has a net worth of around $26 million as of 2024. Lina Plant was born in 1952 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. She is an entrepreneur, interior designer, and fashion designer. 

Linda Plant is well-known for her role as a judge on the BBC series “The Apprentice,” where she offers valuable advice to contestants as they compete in business challenges. As one of Lord Alan Sugar’s trusted advisors, Linda draws from her business success to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

Over the years, she has earned a reputation for her sharp business skills and straightforward approach. Today, we discussed Linda Plant’s net worth, age, height, husband, son, biography, salary, earnings, career, and personal life.

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Linda Plant Net Worth

Linda Plant Net Worth & Salary 2024

Linda Plant has accumulated wealth through entrepreneurship, consulting, and strategic investments in different industries. She leverages her broad experience to mentor aspiring business leaders. 

However, while Linda Plant’s success and influence are widely acknowledged, Linda Plant net worth is estimated to be around $26 million.

Linda Plant net worth in 2023, estimated at around $25 million, was undoubtedly impressive. She’s not just a wealthy businesswoman; she’s a serial entrepreneur. Plant founded Honeysuckle in the late 1970s, starting humbly from a market stall in Leeds, UK. Honeysuckle quickly gained traction under Plant’s keen eye for trends and knack for design, becoming a national and international sensation. 

Here’s a look at Linda Plant’s net worth and professional details:

Net Worth$26 Million
NameLinda Plant
Date of birth1952
Linda Plant Net Worth

In the early 1990s, she sold Honeysuckle for a considerable sum, marking the end of an era for the beloved fashion brand. But Plant’s entrepreneurial journey was far from over, and her next chapter involved venturing into furniture and interior design.

Plant Collections was Linda Plant’s foray into the world of high-end furniture. The company creates exquisitely crafted pieces that combine timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Homerun Services is another venture with the distinct stamp of Linda Plant’s vision and drive. Founded in the late 1990s, Homerun Services is an international interior design and management company catering to a high-end clientele.

Linda Plant’s Early Life

Linda Plant’s early life was characterized by hardship and limited opportunities. However, it also instilled in her a strong work ethic, resilience, and an entrepreneurial spirit. She was born to a tailor father and a part-time secretary mother. Growing up in a household facing financial challenges, they lived in a small house and took in a lodger to make ends meet. 

Despite these difficulties, Linda learned the value of hard work and determination from her parents, especially her mother. From a young age, around 9 to 11 years old, Linda helped her mother at a market stall selling ladies’ socks. She left school at the age of 15 due to family circumstances. Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for her future success with Honeysuckle, her fashion brand.

Linda Plant Career Highlights

Linda Plant Career Highlights

Plant’s entrepreneurial journey began at a market stall in Leeds, England. Her interest in trends led her to create Honeysuckle, a knitwear brand. It offers stylish yet affordable pieces. 

Plant’s business prowess led Honeysuckle to national and then international fame. She implemented clever strategies like pre-selling collections before securing stock, ensuring consistent growth and financial stability. After years of success, 

Linda Plant sold Honeysuckle for a substantial sum in the early 1990s. Plant’s creativity wasn’t confined to fashion. She established Plant Collections, specializing in high-end furniture combining timeless elegance and contemporary flair. 

Plant’s vision took her to the international stage with Homerun Services, an interior design and management company catering to a high-end clientele.

Linda Plant, Husband & Son

Sources suggest Plant married young, at 17, and became a mother of two by 21. One of his sons, Jak, is also an entrepreneur. While details about her ex-husband or current partner remain private, her unwavering dedication to her sons shines through. Throughout her career, she prioritized family, balancing boardroom battles with motherhood’s joys.

Linda Plant Biography

The following table shows Linda Plant’s short biography:

Net Worth $26 Million
Date Of Birth1952
Birth PlaceLeeds, United Kingdom
Age71 years
ProfessionInterior Designer, Fashion and Entrepreneur
Linda Plant Biography

Linda Plant Apprentice

Linda Plant is widely known for appearing as a judge on the BBC reality television series “The Apprentice.” In this role, she provided valuable insights and critiques to aspiring entrepreneurs competing on the show. Her sharp business acumen and no-nonsense approach made her a memorable figure among viewers.

Queen of Mean

Linda Plant earned the nickname “Queen of Mean” on the BBC series “The Apprentice” for her no-nonsense approach and direct feedback to contestants. As a judge with Lord Alan Sugar, she was known for her blunt critiques, reflecting her commitment to honesty and high standards for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Linda Plant Family & Wiki

Her father was a skilled tailor; her mother was a synagogue secretary and operated a part-time hosiery stall in Dewsbury Market. By age 10, she helped her mother sell stockings at a market stall. At 15, she took over the family stall, expanding it into a thriving enterprise. 

Linda Plant Age, Height & Nationality

Reliable sources confirm that she is 71 years old (2024) and of British nationality. Some online sources might offer conflicting or unreliable estimates, making this accurate information particularly valuable. Similarly, Linda Plant’s height is rarely mentioned in publicly available sources.

Linda Plant Instagram & Twitter

Linda Plant is a prominent figure in the fashion and design world. She rarely gives interviews and doesn’t actively engage on social media. Her social media accounts showcase her professional work. She is likely to separate her personal life from the public. Yet, we provide you with Linda Plant’s social media links.

Linda Plant Wealth 2024

Plant’s successful career indicates significant financial achievements. Based on successful entrepreneurship, it’s likely that Plant enjoys a net worth of $26 million. She invests most of her money in real estate and other business ventures. 


Linda Plant’s net worth stands at $26 million. Linda Plant’s career is more than just a collection of business ventures; it’s a story of passion, creativity, and building an empire of wealth, success, and inspiration. Her journey continues to motivate and shape the worlds of fashion and design, leaving behind a legacy that will undoubtedly inspire future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Linda Plant’s net worth?

Linda Plant’s net worth is approximately $26 million as of 2024. 

What is Linda Plant famous for?

Linda Plant is a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur from England. She built “Honeysuckle,” a successful knitwear company. Later, she established “Plant Collections,” a high-end furniture company. She also gained recognition as a challenging but insightful advisor on the British reality show “The Apprentice.”

Is Linda Plant married?

Plant keeps her personal life private, and her current marital status is not publicly known. She was previously married and had sons, but details about them remain hidden.

How many children does Linda Plant have?

Online sources suggest that Plant has three sons and two grandchildren.

What is the religion of Linda Plant?


Where does Linda Plant live?

Plant resides in a luxurious five-story house overlooking Regent’s Park in one of London’s most sought-after areas. She shares this impressive residence with her son, Jak.

What business does Linda Plant own?

Linda Plant’s “Honeysuckle” and “Plant Collections” were highly successful businesses. But are no longer operational. Her company, “Homerun Services,” offers luxury interior design and management services, but its current status is unclear.