Jordan Carriers Net Worth & Revenue 2024

Jordan Carriers Net Worth

Jordan Carriers net worth and revenues are estimated at $100 million. Jordan Carriers is a prominent family-owned and operated truck transport company. It offers flatbed trucking, with over 700 aluminum flatbed trailers catering to transporting steel, wood products, pipe, and aluminum primarily across the eastern United States. In addition to their flatbed division, Jordan Carriers supports the wind energy industry with specialized equipment and expertise.

Through its brokerage arm, Jordan Logistics, Jordan Carriers manages over 5,000 carriers, offering solutions for various shipments, including hard-to-cover ones. This highlights their commitment to excellence in trucking and logistics.

Let’s further explore the success story of Jordan Carriers.

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Jordan Carriers Net Worth

Jordan Carriers Net Worth & Revenue 2024

Jordan Carriers, established in 1992, is a transportation company in the long-distance freight trucking industry. Jordan Carriers has a net worth of $100 million to prioritize its drivers; it has 100 to 500 employees. It offers competitive pay, weekends at home, and comprehensive benefits. Additionally, Jordan Carriers prides itself on providing driver-friendly freight within the flatbed sector.

Here’s a brief overview of Jordan Carriers net worth and revenue in 2024

Net Worth$100 Million
Brand/Company NameJordan Carriers
FounderCharles Jordan
Company ServicesTruck Transportation, Freight & Logistics Services, Transportation
HeadquartersNatchez, Mississippi, US
Jordan Carriers Net Worth

Jordan Carriers: Founder

Charles Jordan and his father, Kenneth Jordan, founded Jordan Carriers in 1992 in Natchez, Mississippi, USA. Charles is regarded as a successful entrepreneur in the trucking industry and actively participates in industry associations. He initiated the company with a single truck and expanded it into a thriving flatbed trucking and logistics enterprise with over 700 trucks and a network of more than 5,000 carriers. Charles remains the president of Jordan Carriers to this day. 

Here are some key achievements of Charles Jordan and Jordan Carriers:

  • Grown the company from a single truck to over 700 trucks.
  • Expanded the company’s services to include wind energy transportation and logistics brokerage.
  • Established a reputation for safety and on-time delivery.
  • Created a driver-friendly work environment with competitive pay and benefits.

Jordan Carriers: Vision And Mission 

Here are some insights into their potential vision and mission:


Jordan Carriers Net Worth
Jordan Carriers net worth
  • To be the leading flatbed trucking and logistics provider in the eastern United States, known for exceptional customer service, safety, and on-time delivery.
  • To be a reliable partner for businesses, assisting them in moving their products efficiently.
  • To foster a culture of excellence where employees feel valued and empowered to thrive.


  • To provide safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • To invest in our people, technology, and infrastructure to ensure long-term growth and success.
  • Conduct operations with integrity and respect for the environment and our communities.

Jordan Carriers Competitors

Jordan Carriers set itself apart from competitors by establishing high-quality standards, emphasizing customer satisfaction and professionalism. These standards distinguish it from other companies in the industry. 

We have compiled a list of competitors located in Natchez, Mississippi.

  • Montgomery Transport (revenue: $70.4 million per year)
  • Verra Mobility (revenue: $338.2 million per year)
  • King of Freight (revenue: $250.5 million per year)
  • Priority 1 (revenue: $474.8 million per year)
  • TollPlus (revenue: $182.5 million per year)
  • Shamrock Trading Corporation (revenue: $414.2 million per year)

Conclusion: Jordan Carriers Net Worth

Jordan Carriers is a successful and growing company in the flatbed trucking industry. Based on publicly available information, Jordan Carriers’ net worth and revenue stood at $100 million as of 2024. Their expansion from a single truck to over 700 trucks and their diversified services and commitment suggest a robust financial standing.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of Jordan Carriers?

Jordan Carriers is family-owned and operated, with Charles Jordan serving as the current president.

Who is the largest flatbed carrier?

Jordan Carriers is considered a major player in the industry, especially in the eastern United States.

How many trucks does Jordan have?

As of 2024, Jordan Carriers operates a fleet of over 700 trucks. Their all-aluminum trailers offer durability and versatility for diverse cargo. They can accommodate loads up to 49,500 pounds and 65 feet long, catering to a wide range of requirements. Their base in Natchez, Mississippi, allows them to cover the eastern half of the US efficiently, from Texas to Minnesota.

What is the annual revenue of Jordan Carriers?

Jordan Carriers’ annual revenue is $100 million, possibly higher, based on their industry position and self-representation. 

Where is Jordan Carriers located?

The company’s headquarters are located in Natchez, Mississippi, USA.

How many people are employed at Jordan Carriers?

The exact number of employees is not publicly available. Jordan Carriers’ LinkedIn profile lists their company size as 500-1000 employees.

What services does Jordan Carriers offer?

Jordan Carriers offers a range of transportation and logistics services, primarily focused on flatbed trucking and wind energy support:

Flatbed Trucking:

  • Specialized Equipment: Their fleet comprises over 700 aluminum flatbed trailers for transporting cargo like steel, wood products, pipe, and aluminum.
  • Geographic coverage: Their flatbed division primarily operates in the eastern half of the United States.
  • Focus on key aspects: Safety and on-time delivery are highlighted on their website, indicating prioritization in these areas.

Wind Energy Services:

  • Specialized expertise: They offer dedicated equipment and trained personnel for the specific needs of the wind energy industry, assisting with transporting and installing wind turbine components.

Additional Services:

  • Logistics brokerage: Through their Jordan Logistics division, they act as intermediaries connecting shippers with carriers for various commodities and lane types, offering solutions for even hard-to-manage shipments.

Overall, Jordan Carriers aims to be a one-stop solution for businesses requiring flatbed trucking, wind energy transportation, or efficient logistics brokerage services.