Mac Duggal Net Worth 2024: Revenue Competitors Owner Profile

Mac Duggal Net Worth 2024: Revenue Competitors Owner Profile

Mac Duggal, the renowned designer of women’s luxury gowns and evening wear, has achieved considerable success in the fashion industry. Mac Duggal net worth and revenue are estimated at $17.6 million. Mac Duggal’s wealth includes fashion design, business ventures, brand collaborations, and celebrity clients. Mac Duggal is known for its flattering designs, often adorned with…

Cymbiotika Net Worth

Cymbiotika Net Worth & Revenue 2024

Cymbiotika Net Worth: Cymbiotika’s estimated annual revenue stands at an impressive $41 million. The company saw a remarkable 800% increase in gross revenue last year. New SKUs were added to Cymbiotika’s product lineup, diversifying its offerings. Cymbiotika has emerged as a powerhouse in the wellness industry.  Shahab Elmi is the CEO of Cymbiotika LLC. He…

Pink Lily Net Worth

Pink Lily Net Worth 2024: Revenue & Competitors 

In 2024, Pink Lily net worth and revenue stood at $141 million, generated by selling approximately 11,000 items daily. The successful online fashion retail business Pink Lily has made quite a splash! Tori Gerbig and her husband, Chris, founded this e-commerce venture, which has blossomed into a remarkable success story.  Tori Gerbig’s estimated net worth,…

Jordan Carriers Net Worth

Jordan Carriers Net Worth & Revenue 2024

Jordan Carriers net worth and revenues are estimated at $100 million. Jordan Carriers is a prominent family-owned and operated truck transport company. It offers flatbed trucking, with over 700 aluminum flatbed trailers catering to transporting steel, wood products, pipe, and aluminum primarily across the eastern United States. In addition to their flatbed division, Jordan Carriers…

Tom Drexler Net Worth

Tom Drexler Net Worth & Revenue 2024

Today, Tom Drexler net worth stands at $1.67 billion. Tom Drexler Plumbing, a company with 100-500 employees, operates within the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractor industry, which involves providing plumbing and HVAC services to residential and commercial customers.  Tom Drexler Plumbing has built a solid reputation in Louisville for its reliability, honesty, and friendliness….